Launching Banana Capital

Announcing Fund 1

I recently closed Fund 1 of my new firm, Banana Capital. I raised the oversubscribed $9.999m fund in Q1.

Banana Capital is an internet-first sector, stage, and geography agnostic tech-focused investment firm. Fund 1 will write $150k-$300k initial investments in early-stage companies (pre-seed through Series A) with select later stage investments. This will expand over time from pre-seed to pre-IPO and into the public markets. I’ve made 15 investments (some new, some follow-on’s to prior investments), with five set to close in Q2. Fund 1 will have a total of 35 to 40 core portfolio companies. To date, 65% of Fund 1 founding teams include non-white founders and 50% of the teams include more than one gender.

Banana has the DNA to be a founder’s first outside investor or their newest supporter as a multi-billion dollar company. During this fund, I won’t lead rounds or take board seats, allowing for more collaboration with founders and other investors. Like most investors, I can help with things like marketing, PR, recruiting, fundraising, bug squashing, and memes. What I can uniquely bring to founders is high independent conviction in what they’re doing and speed of decision making.

Thank you to all the founders and LP’s that chose to partner with me on this journey. I am forever grateful for your advice, support, and trust.

I talked with Natasha at TechCrunch, and you can learn more about Banana Capital here. If you’d like to follow along, find me on Twitter, subscribe to my Substack below for longer-form writing, or check out